Ice Dams: how to prevent and how to remove

- The most obvious way to get rid of ice dams is to take a blunt instrument and hack away at the ice dams. . I tried an axe ..More

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New construction inspection: trust, but verify.

- This is Building Science 101. . For every cubic foot of indoor air that leaves the home, one cubic foot of outdoor air replaces it ..More

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Visible changes to radon testing in Minnesota

- 9 pCi/L while the other reads 4. . The final number reported will be the average of these two, which is 4. 1 pCi/L. Variations like this are perfectly normal and are even expected. The test results from two side-by-side radon monitors will probably not be identical; one monitor might read 3. 3 pCi/L ..More

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Subpanels: when the grounds and neutrals should be separated

- Grounds and neutrals were isolated to provide separate paths back to the panel. . The first was with a four-wire feed; two hots, a neutral, and a ground ..More

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Not A Flamethrower testing on intumescent firestop collars

- It took about 6 minutes for major flames to start coming through the pipe, and we stopped the test there. . For our second test, we used PVC all by itself ..More

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