Do Home Inspectors Go in a Crawlspace?

- Foundation cracks allow cold air in, which makes for frigid floors and might even diminish the home’s integrity. A warm home needs attic insulation, but a well-sealed, insulated crawlspace means warmer winter months for the homeowner. And a neighborhood cat could very well see those fluffy fiberglass blankets between the floor joists as perfect bedding to tear down and curl up inside. ..More

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Kura: helping you win at homeownership

- . I’ve blogged about most of this stuff because expensive repairs ensue when this stuff is forgotten about. While this is a small list of what they do, these are the items that stick out the most to me. I’m just tickled that there’s a company out there who does all of this home maintenance ..More

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New construction inspection: trust, but verify.

- . There was no problem with the weatherstripping at the doors. None of the ducts had been run to the exterior, so make-up air for the exhaust appliances had to leak into the home through unintended openings, such as those around the doors. Frost accumulated throughout the winter because there was no make-up air duct, and this was exacerbated by the fact that the ERV was doing squat all winter long ..More

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Will Home Inspection Rovers be the Next Big Home Inspection Thing?

- And the newest one is thanks to the 15-year-old budding tech expert and son of a home inspector. Drone technology has launched, and now a teenager has invented Reggie, a home inspection rover that handles the low down and dirty work of crawlspaces and basements. . Two of the most challenging parts of a home inspection now have a helping hand ..More

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Do Home Inspectors Inspect Kitchen Appliances?

- ” There aren’t any known instances yet where this is the case. According to ASHI Reporter, inspectors should first rely on the SoP for the state where they work. . “If your state standards contradict or prohibit a requirement in the ASHI SoP, you should comply with your state standards ..More

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