Q&A: “How much snow is safe for my roof?”

- So how much snow does this equal?  It depends. 7 x 50.  As everyone knows, cold fluffy snow is very light, while wet snow can be extremely heavy. , gives some examples of snow loads. For the Twin Cities metro area, the roof snow load equals 35 pounds per square foot, or . E. .  The chart below, courtesy of Paul Schimnowski, P ..More

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Controlling Window Condensation

- If your home was built in the ’70s, ’80s, or ’90s, you may have the unfortunate combination of a tightly sealed house and double-pane pine windows with aluminum spacers between the two panes of glass. The aluminum spacer that runs along the perimeter of the glass conducts the cold from the outside pane to the inside pane, making the glass surface even colder. . The condensation forms on the coldest part of the glass, which tends to be the bottom edge where it meets the wood. Bottom corners are the coldest, with aluminum spacers meeting and helping to create the condensation “smile” that lifts up higher at those corners. If you’ve read the rest of my window series, you know how I feel about aluminum spacers and real wood windows. Since none of the double pane windows from that era had new glass technology like Low E coating and argon gas available, the aluminum spacer gets nearly as cold as the outside temperature which causes more condensation (and sometimes freezing) on the inside piece of glass. If you don’t like any of these ideas, consider replacement windows ..More

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Kura: helping you win at homeownership

- I’ve blogged about most of this stuff because expensive repairs ensue when this stuff is forgotten about. While this is a small list of what they do, these are the items that stick out the most to me. I’m just tickled that there’s a company out there who does all of this home maintenance. ..More

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Will Home Inspection Rovers be the Next Big Home Inspection Thing?

- And the newest one is thanks to the 15-year-old budding tech expert and son of a home inspector. . Two of the most challenging parts of a home inspection now have a helping hand. Drone technology has launched, and now a teenager has invented Reggie, a home inspection rover that handles the low down and dirty work of crawlspaces and basements ..More

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How to replace a hardwired smoke alarm

- The installation instructions from the manufacturer are a heck of a lot longer than this and are packed with disclaimers. Don’t take this as a complete electrical how-to guide, either. Disclaimer: as with all electrical work, don’t do anything that you’re not qualified to do. This is just an overview. You should read and follow all of those instructions, because more steps will surely be required, depending on the specific unit. ..More

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