Automatic water leak protection

- Here’s a short video demonstrating the unit in action; I dropped the sensor onto the wet floor, and it automatically turned off the water to my entire house. ..More

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How to replace a hardwired smoke alarm

- If you can’t find the same unit, consider purchasing a wiring adapter, which converts the wiring harness from one manufacturer to another. ..More

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Drum traps

- Because solids remain in drum traps, they can turn into stinky, miniature cesspools. I recently helped a friend get to the bottom of a stinky bathroom issue by finding a drum trap for the bathtub. Replacing the drain would be an expensive option, but thoroughly cleaning the drain might be enough to prevent future odors. When I filled the sink up with water and then drained it, water backed out of the bathtub and made an odor bad enough to make my eyes water. If you have a nasty odor in a bathroom that you can’t get to the bottom of, check to see if you have a drum trap. ..More

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New construction inspection: trust, but verify.

- You’ll discover any mistakes within the first year of construction, and the builder will fix it… right? Construction defects couldn’t possibly have any long-lasting effects on the durability of a new home… right? It’s new!. But even if stuff isn’t right, the builder covers the home with a one-year warranty. ..More

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Chimney inspections: pass or fail, nothing in-between

- That’s all that it took to cause this. The building code that was in effect at the time required parging, but this was not enforced by the building inspector. He hired a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep to inspect the chimney, and the chimney inspector found that the smoke chamber had not been properly parged with mortar. ..More

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