Do Inspectors Walk on Roofs During Home Roof Inspections?

- . All it takes is a single point of entry to turn a rainstorm into a soggy and damp indoor disaster. A large leak will usually be obvious, but a small drip, gradual seepage or slight ponding that goes unnoticed can cause major damage to the inside of a home over time. Even the smallest issue with a roof can put the entire roof system in jeopardy. The shingles, tiles, metal or other roofing materials create a protective shell that’s intended to keep heat out in the summer, protect against cold in the winter and keep the home’s interior dry when it rains ..More

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Chimney inspections: pass or fail, nothing in-between

- If a fireplace fails the level 2 inspection, does this mean it has to be repaired? Heck no. It just means you shouldn’t use it. Go ahead and put some candles in the firebox and call it good. . Heck, you can even light the candles ;-) ..More

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Controlling Window Condensation

- If you’re not willing or able to control the above-listed variables enough to prevent window condensation, consider using a temporary window insulator kit from 3M. These are usually quite effective at reducing condensation because they basically add another layer to your window on the inside of the home. ..More

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Snow+rain=extremely heavy snow

- I measured another section of undisturbed snow in my back yard just yesterday to see how we’re doing. The weight of the snow was somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 – 40 psf. Yikes! That’s quite a jump. . With modern roofs having a design load of 35 psf, I’m no longer comfortable telling people not to worry about snow loads ..More

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Carbon monoxide alarm requirements for Minnesota

- Kidde CO alarms manufactured since 2013 are good for 10 years. Prior to that, they were good for 7 years. ..More

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